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our own eyes
"Seeing It With My Own Eyes" Advent Devotions Read Luke 2:29-32. My eyes have seen Your salvation. Luke 2:30 Today is the fourth day of Christmas and my wise men are making solid progress on their way to the manger scene. But today we are looking at Simeon, who held little Jesus in his arms at the same time the wise men were traveling toward the land of Israel. Mary must have been amazed at the things God revealed to her about Jesus through friends and total strangers. First, her cousin Elizabeth told her she was pregnant with God's Son before Mary had the chance to say a word about it (Luke 1:39-45). Then, Joseph told her about the angel in his dream who said he should not be afraid to take her as his wife because the child was God's Son (Matthew 1:18-25). And, of course, there were the shepherdswho rushed in that first Christmas night to tell of the angel's message. And here through another total stranger God reveals to Mary the scope of her Son's work. Simeon said,... (more)

Arrion 1314 love
Pierre blanche
2012 la nouvelle robe de soirée

La cérémonie de la robe, une robe du soir, robes de bal,Robe de mariée longue robe de soirée, des robes de cocktail Si vous avez toujours rêvé de recherche une robe ou de peur de votre robe de mariée par nombre écrasant de robes de mariage, on peut t'aider à trouver ton jour, la robe parfaite.En plus de variétés de notre mariage large, nous avons également tout en fournissant une robe de mariage de raccords et de sélection de vous garder à la nouvelle tendance.Notre objectif est de faire de choix de robes de minimiser la douleur, vous avez besoin d'attention est votre journée parfaite, ce que tu as dans ta robe de mariée a l'air parfait. De la dentelle robe sans bretelles est merveilleux, on peut dire que ce n'est pas bon.Comme nous le savons tous, le lacet est un coûteux de tissus, généralement utilisé dans des concepteurs de robe de mariée, alors le prix peut être très élevé.Toutefois, étant donné que le commerce électronique sur Internet aujourd'hui,... (more)

broken clock
My Broken

My first real post this is just easy way to get my feelings out in easier way than filling pages on a notebook which is hard to back track through. I have anterograde amnesia i can't make new memories but i will be able to i am one of the fortunate souls who will heal but for now my clock is broken and i am stuck. stuck while world keeps turning. .. thank God for my amazing man who keeps me going and loves me no matter what and makes me feel like i can do anything. . He is my reward for going on each day. I saw 50 first dates and never in my wildest dreams thought it was a real condition. .. it has been year of He** car accident lead to many surgeries two crainotomies and lost spleen .. flat lined many times and body been through so much which is why I'm stuck in time. . that's my story summary. .. Broken Clock

Joyeux Noel!
Joyeux Noel! I wasn't able to blog for past days. Hehehe... I don't have a Christmas entry. But anyhoo, what happened? I attended the mass with my aunt, heard the choir singing French Christmas songs and had dinner with friends. I miss the Christmas celebration in the Philippines! I miss completing the 9 masses before Christmas and having a wish after; i miss the bibingka and puto bumbong; i miss hearing carols of children: i miss caroling with friends; i miss the monito-monita kris-kringle; i miss asking gifts from ninong/ninang (though i have only one ninang whose ever generous of giving me pamasko, hehehe); i miss the family reunion! There are lots of things to miss! I miss my family! I miss my significant other! Waaaahhhhh! It's been four years away from home. It's the fourth Christmas without my family. Well, at least now i have my aunt here to celebrate with, unlike when i'm in Amsterdam and Belgium. It's my 2nd Christmas to have you, my significant other, though we're miles... (more)

Just Wanna Write This letter to you
I will be right here waiting for you....

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